Medical Release Form  (use for wrestlers with skin lesions)  Medical Release is required for all wrestlers with skin lesions. 

KINGCO Spectator Code of Conduct This new form was introduced this year by the KINGCO league. Parents and guardians should sign and return to Coach Hyatt.

Volunteer Paperwork We welcome volunteer coaches.  Please follow the link for the required paperwork.

Volunteer Driver Agreement Please complete attached forms and submit to Sharon Hechinger . All volunteer drivers must have forms submitted at least one week prior to the event.

Alternate Driver Form  Please complete the attached form and submit it to Luke Ande in order to authorize non-parental transportation for your child.  This form must be submitted no later than 2 days before the event.

Academic Probation Calendar 2014-2015

IHS Wrestling Handbook Parents and wrestlers, please read the handbook together and submit the Sign-off Form.

IHS Wrestling Handbook Sign-off Form- Wrestlers and parent should submitted a signed copy of this form to Coach Hyatt.

2014-2015 WIAA Handbook 

Wrestling Sign-up Paperwork   Complete and submit the packet to: Laura Couty, the Athletic Secretary.  
Regular Winter Sports Registration is October 28-November 15th.  Please contact Coach Hyatt with any concerns about late registration.