The most current stats through this past weekend's tournament are now posted.

Video and picture uploads will be completed shortly 

Trying to figure out the stats pages posted in your/your wrestler's folder?  Here's a brief explanation of the important parts to pay attention to!

Looking at the picture below, the section highlighted in green displays your major stats.  This includes where you gain or lose most of your points during your matches.  For examples, the wrestler displayed here does great with getting the takedown, but loses more points than he gains in reversals and escapes.  So what should he work on?

If you look at the section highlighted in red, you will see the Position Change Probabilities.  For example, the wrestler below has the following probabilities:

  • He has a 64% probability of ending up on top when starting in a neutral position, which falls right in line with the fact that he gets a lot of takedowns.
  • He has a 38% probability he will end up on bottom from a top position and 23% probability he will go back to a neutral position from a top position, which falls in line with the high number of reversals and escapes from his opponents.
  • He has an 83% probability that once placed in a bottom position he will stay in a bottom position.
  • He has a 15% probability that he will pin if he gets a top position and a 67% probability that he will get pinned if he ends up in a bottom position.
These should guide you on what you need to ask for help on from the coaches during practice.

We are placing an order for team gear!  If you would like to purchase any team gear for your wrestler, please email coach Kelson @ by Tuesday 12/12. He will need to know:
  • Item (Fight Shorts, Quarter Zip, Short Sleeve Fight Shirt, Long Sleeve Fight Shirt)
  • Size of each item
  • Quantity of each Item

Please have your wrestler bring a check (payable to Kelson Record) for the total amount to practice by Tuesday.

The videos from tonight's dual meet against Bothell have now been posted in the individual wrestler's folders.  If you need the link to access, please contact coach Kelson @
For those going to battle, the link below is the itinerary for the weekend.

If you are going to the Battle at the Border tournament in Blain this weekend, please print and complete the OVERNIGHT FORM and turn in to Coach Hyatt or Coach Manny by Thursday.